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ICT Education @ DISI
DISI - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

Courses and Exams

Manifesto Studiorum

Every year, in May, the responsible EuMI Multilateral Committee approves the Manifesto Studiorum which contains the course program of the following academic year.

This includes the list of available courses, their respective syllabuses, type of examinations, didactic material and administrative information.

The Manifesto includes the EuMI Master's program rules that the students need to follow and the compulsory modules within their study plan as well as a number of "free choice" activities.


Courses and Exams (Academic Year 2010-2011)

The following course is being offered in academic year 2010-2011.
Please note that in the next academic year the course offer may change.

Courses and Exams – University of Trento

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Courses and Exams – RWTH Aachen University

Embedded System
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NetCentric/Media Informatics
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Courses and Exams –University of Edinburgh

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